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About Malayhem

How this expat travel blog about Malaysia came to be

Hi there…we are Andy, Kay and Carter.

We are the folks behind this blog that we call Malayhem. Why Malayhem? Well we came to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the fall of 2018, and we fell in love with the city, its people and the country of Malaysia.

We are Canadians, from the Toronto area, that spend several years living in Tampa Florida. And now we call Kuala Lumpur home.

So why Malayhem? Well, part of the charm of Malaysia is the organized mayhem that it is. Now we are the common denominator in every experience we have, so maybe it is just that mayhem follows us. Regardless, the we love the malayhem we are experiencing so we thought we’d share it with the world.

Whether you are considering visiting, moving, or are a Malaysian or expat yourself, we hope you enjoy our take on this wonderful, delicious, crazy, amazing country.

Welcome to our Malayhem!