Let’s talk about fruit. My wife Kay is obsessed with the fruit in Malaysia. And frankly I am pretty impressed too. In KL Sentral there is a fresh fruit store in this massive gleaming Minority Report style uber mall. So you are walking along and, hey, there’s a Rolex watch store. And, over there, a H&M Store. Then: a fruit store.

Fruit shop in NU SentralKnowing this, Kay decided she was going to fruit it up at the fresh cut fruit bar in said uber fruit store. So, she grabs a big plastic container and spoons in chunks of dragonfruit, mango marinated in chili, a pineapple-ball like thing, and a green apple-pear hybrid thing. When she bit into the apple thing she said:

Kay (eyes wide, munching): OHMIGAWG BIS IS SOOOO GOOB. PRY IT.

Me: No thanks babe.

Kay: NO! PRY IP!!!

And, she shoves it in my mouth with a pointy bamboo stick. Now, it was pretty good, relative to the common apple.

However, for Kay it was like God had manifested in front of us. Admittedly, she has always liked apples, so a new apple is incredible to her. (This makes me strangely happy to see her so enthralled like this.)

The locals also sprinkle spicy, sweet crunchy stuff on the fruit here in Malaysia. And frankly it is innovative as hell.

“Why don’t they do this at home???” she asked. My guess is the Apple Store is taking up all the space in the mall. And they think they have a lock on, well selling apples. Right?

(Forgive me, it’s all I got.)

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Thai appleP.S. This just in – the glorious apple pear thing is a Thai apple.

P.P.S Kay says we need to make a video about fruit. So you know that we’re gonna right?